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Our Story

Sterlights oy

Sterlights is a startup that rose from the ruins of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the world economy was upside down, our team got together to come up with ways for businesses to get back to their daily routines safely. Shortly after, we familiarised ourselves with the world of UVC, which eventually lead us to become the pioneers in Far-UVC 222nm technology in Europe.

Our team consists of young and ambitious serial entrepreneurs, with expertise in biology, security systems planning, marketing, and supply chain.  We strive to develop and bring to market safe and easy-to-use UVC and Far-UVC products that will enable all kinds of businesses and organisations to create safe environments free of bacteria and viruses for their staff and customers.

We provide complete analysis, design, and management for your organisation’s biosecurity needs in order to minimise the risk of COVID-19 or any other infections. Our mission is to ensure that visitors, proprietors and staff are safe and confident.

Meet the Team

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