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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions that you might have about UV Light and its utilities. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can ask it here

I am new to Far-UVC technology, is it safe?

What is the maximum dose of Far-UVC that I can be exposed to?

I heard about UVC lamps that have been used in hospitals for many years to disinfect surfaces. Is Far-UVC (222 nm) safer than UVC (254 nm)?

Should I choose to install Far-UVC lamps and not traditional UVC?

What makes Far-UVC light safer than traditional UVC light?

Which lamps emit Far-UVC (222nm) and UVC (254nm) and what is the difference?

Why is a filter so important?

I want to protect my employees and my customers from COVID-19. Does Far-UVC light kill the COVID-19 virus? Can it protect also from other viruses and bacteria?

Is it scientifically proven that UVC and Far-UVC radiation can kill the coronavirus? Is it better than traditional cleansing with soap or alcohol wipes?

How long does Far-UVC disinfection take to eliminate pathogens?

I implemented a Far-UVC lamp in our office conference room. How do I know what is the right radiation dose? Are you helping in designing the system ?

I have plants in the room and I want to implement a Far-UVC lamp. Is it hazardous for plants?

I have pets. I want to be sure that Far-UVC lamps are safe for animals. Are they?

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